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    So when the time comes to breed chickens is it okay to...

    So hopefully all my chick I get end up being female. However when it is time to breed I plan on just getting a sex link to make thing a bit easier. So would a sex link of red,black, or gold be good males to breed with barred rock and road island red?

    What is you opinion on cross breeding? Will the chick be more like one parent than the other .or will they be equally mixed. Does that mean the coat my change...

    Curious creature I am indeed, thank for you time!
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    Jul 19, 2008

    You can breed a male sex link with a Barred rock or a Rhode Island Red and produce good layers. I have no problem with out crossing birds of different breeds or varieties.

    You will get a mix of offspring adult plumage colors in each of the six crosses you have mentioned.

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    Are you asking what breed of rooster when bred to both your Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rocks will give you sex-linked chicks?

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