Goodbye my sweet white leghorn roos

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    I will miss you so. You were my first venture into hatching and chickens. I loved watching you develop and then hatch out - what a true miracle to witness. You grew up way too fast. I never thought I could love a chicken especially not without bbq sauce and cooked - but you guys are too sweet. So I will let you go to Mr. Usher's farm and hope you enjoy a nice long life there - eating bugs and playing together - that is the way I will choose to remember you. He promised he wasn't going to eat you and that he has a place for you to live. I will trust that you are provided for by the same loving God that takes care of all my needs. You will be gone, but not forgotten.


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    [​IMG] Oh my.....that is so sweet and touching! Made me cry.....I had to give my 2-beautiful brahma roosters away a while back.......what a beautiful setup you have!
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    Hard as it can be - it's all in His hands.

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