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    Sep 4, 2012
    southern california
    Out of ten new chicks we got seven months ago, two grew to be roosters (a Silkie and a Light Brahma). They are both sweet and nice with the ladies, but we can't have roosters in our neighborhood. None of the neighbors complained (and two have roosters themselves), but these boys would crow at all hours of the day and night (they are kept in a large coop, but we have a lot of predators). I have been afraid that they would be impounded and destroyed, so I found someone on Craigslist who was looking for a Light Brahma roo. He said he'd take the Silkie too (I wanted them to go together since they were raised together and got along so well). My kids and I are heartbroken because we really loved these guys and they are beautiful. I'm hoping that the guy who took them treats them well. It's funny how attached we can become to these chickens.
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    Sorry you had to rehome your boys, but that's wonderful that you found someone who wanted them. I was lucky enough to rehome 1/2 of the 12 cockerels that grew from my big brood this year.. And even luckier to have ended up with twice as many pullets than cockerels. I chose two to keep and the others provided healthy nourishment for my family, and had wonderful lives until then. My first experience with processing something I'd raised.
    Best wishes to your hens & family.
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    Dec 12, 2013
    That must have been tough to let them go, especially with the kids attached to the boys. But you found them a good home and you won't get in trouble breaking any rules or laws so I'm glad that's worked out.

    @AshlyMommaWard I like how your roos worked out for you with 1/2 being rehomed and the other 1/2 providing for your family. That sounds like the best way of working things out all way around!
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    May 26, 2014
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    I feel for you, I had the same issue last spring, we bought "pullets" and 2 turned out to be roos, not being allowed roo's in town, we had to rehome them, we were very lucky to find a very good home for them. The lady even wanted to know their names and birthdays so she could give them special treats on their birthday.

    Even knowing she was a great, caring woman it was still really hard to let them go. I can tell you this though, the sadness and missing them will get easier and in time, you will remember them with happy thoughts. I know it sounds all sappy and cliche or whatever but, from experience, it's true.

    In the meantime, hugs to you and your family from me and my flock!
  5. feather13

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    Sep 4, 2012
    southern california
    Thanks so much for your replies! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I'm so happy for those of you able to keep roosters. They are fun to watch and beautiful. After hearing so many nightmare stories about them, I was happily surprised that our two got along so well, were not aggressive (maybe because we didn't try to catch or bother them?), and were nice with the ladies. Our boys weren't any louder than the many outdoor dogs around us that are always barking, but I understand why they aren't allowed in town because no one wants to wake up at 3am from animal sounds!

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