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Mar 10, 2009
Argos, IN
I havent been on in almost a year lol! That was eye opening. During this last year I've lost 4 chickens. One chicken to a raccoon- my sweet isa. Just this past couple of weeks I lost two more to a couple of dogs. They have collars and took it upon themselves to enter my 3 sided fenced yard, attack my chickens and then drag two of them off. My very favorite chicken Baby was killed in this attack along with one of my newer RiR's. I am so upset that other people dont keep their animals tied up. AT one time I had 9 cats and none of them ever even looked at my chickens as dinner. It was a lovely day and they had been in the coop for 3 weeks straight. I decided to let them out to free range my yard and get some exercise only to have them tortured. I have a couple others that are missing lots of feathers.
Not sure what to do. I did buy more chickens but I definitly do not want them eaten. Maybe I'll talk to the husband again about fencing the front. We took it down because it was a hastle to mow around the fence all the time.


Morning Gem Farm
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Oct 3, 2008
east central Ohio
The 3-sided fence confused me, but now I guess I see. The only way to protect against roving dogs is strong fencing on all sides. My friend has also had losses to a pack of dogs, but always during the day while the birds were free ranging. She's had to keep things locked up and called the dog warden. These dogs behave wildly, but they do have an owner (just an irresponsible one). She is seeing if she can get damages paid at least on the lost Sebastopol goose.

Sorry for your losses, but welcome back to BYC.

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