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Jun 16, 2017
I've read through a few posts that seemed older, so please excuse this if it seems like a repeat. Be free to link me to other threads as well if you can!

I have ten 4 week old Welsh Harlequin ducks and about fifteen 6-8 week old chickens. They're all together in an electric netted area (that I rotate once a month). There is a decent size chicken tractor that has a ramp. The chickens go into the chicken coop at night without needing help, but the ducks all hide under it (or in the netted area) and it has been a MESS trying to get them all to go inside at dark. They run away from me and don't like me very much, which I'm working on in other ways with treats.

I'm thinking of creating a "road block" on either side of the ramp and trying to herd them up it to try and train them to go in at night. Has anyone tried this and had success with their ducks? With other methods have you used?

Also, a few weeks ago I had a chicken wounded that I put in with my 2 day old ducklings. This chicken now thinks she's "mom" and never leaves their side. Has anyone experienced this and are there future draw-backs I should be aware of? It's funny to see her protect the ducklings from the other chickens and I love the way they interact, but I want to make sure it'll all be okay in the future.

Thanks for input, advice, and encouragement in advance!

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I see no problem with the chicken mothering the ducklings other than she may freak out once duckling start swimming. I have see other members who let their hens hatch ducklings.


Jul 26, 2016
Ducks definitely are not naturally inclined to do ramps as chickens are. We have 8 week old welsh harlequins living with our mixed chicken flock. I haven't attempted to make them ramp up into the coop because I can just open the big barn door for them in the morning and again at night. They do, however, have a large pool that we built a ramp into and out of. We did have to put up fence panels on either side to herd them into it, but after a couple weeks of daily herding, they finally have it figured out and use the ramp on their own...the water on the other side has definitely worked as a good reward. Good luck!

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