gooey yellow STINKY ring around vent


10 Years
Sep 12, 2009
I have a silkie hen(non - egg laying b.c. she just had a hatch) ... that is showing all signs of normalicy, except that she has a fetid odor -- upon closer inspection...there is a gooey yellow ring around her vent. I wipe it off daily, pour hydrogen peroxide on her vent. This has been going on about 3 days. the smell is outrageously 'dead' like smell. the tissues around the vent look fine. She poops little bit of watery poop, but it is not diarreha like... She acts fine.
any ideas of what it may be or how to treat it?
I agree. It sounds like a broken egg inside her. I recommend a vent flush using a diluted solution of apple cider vinegar and water to cleanse it and help prevent guarantee though.
i would stop immediatly with the hydrogen peroxide, that will be killing the good tissue. is there any sort of injury (no matter how small?) how old are her chicks now?it could be possible shes returned to laying but has become an internal layer or has had an egg break inside her. try clipping away the feathers back there so nothing can get stuck on them and see if it continues.......
Hydrogen peroxide is good about once on a wound, and after that just inhibits wound healing. I agree with spish on this. If she has a wound there, the following thread has some recommendations:
see the second post down, scroll down for broken egg
(note this thread has information on an egg broken inside the chicken too)
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she has not laid any eggs in 2 months or more...she hatched chicks 4 weeks ago.

she does not show any symptoms that are outlined in the link you posted about an inbound egg (TY for posting that great info!)

day 4, still very stinky and less of a yellow ring, but the ring was still there. I wiped it off. I will try to remember to get pics .
If it is a sickly sweet smell that is very peculiar do a search on here for vent gleet and see if you think that may be it. I didn't diagnose mine in time so just in case I mention it.

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