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    Nov 6, 2009
    Well first of all I have the chicks that hatched April 24th still inside. I haven't been able to make a coop that I can't find a few chickens to fill. Hubby keeps asking if I'm done yet.
    Last time he asked I just walked away shrugging and giggling.
    The next hatch was early May. Have to look it up as April and May I lost my mom and dad and I haven't been right since, so I'm lost without notes and I seem to lose those.[​IMG]
    I have 1 EE from one of my birds that was the only hatch and only tossed it in with a few dozen shipped eggs. Been a bad couple of months for shipped eggs for me.

    I have 2 new EEs that hatched this week. None of the shipped eggs made it AGAIN.

    Ok I'm getting sidetracked.

    Today I took all the older chicks out and let them run the yard. They had treats, visited all the pens and birds, explored. They had a great time. Thing is they've been hanging out at the garage door since 3pm. One even ran passed me earlier and jumped into it's brooder. I need them to start staying outside this weekend (coop is aaaalmost done).

    They love being out and never try to get back in, but don't run when I collect them up to put them away. I hope I don't have to put a nightlight out there and read bedtime stories next.
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    It will make u feel better to watch ur babies outside for the first time. I know thats how it is for me. Sorry about your troubles [​IMG]

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