Goofy Roosters


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Aug 18, 2008
Easley, SC
Ok, am I the only one out there who has weird goofy roosters? I had one in the past who did this and now it appears I have 2. He goes into the nest box when the hens are out of the box and is quite the chatter box in there. He seems to nest from what I can tell. The nest boxes are dark so I have to lift the roof to see in and he runs out when I do this. I hear him a cluckin away in there and it is so silly. Doesn't seem to hurt anything, but of course I remove eggs when I find them so neither one has played on any eggs.

With the one rooster the two hens are laying so they naturally nest in there so there's a nice imprint in the box where the artifical egg is and they lay there. In the other one though, the two hens haven't begun to lay yet and he made the nest up into a nice round spot like a hen would.

Goofy birds. Such entertainment.


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Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
Oh yes! Besides protection for my hens, the main reason I keep roosters is because they make me laugh with their goofiness.
Funny, you should mention the nest box thing though. I was just out in the coop. It's getting pretty dark and I'm trying to convince my three remaining hold outs (hens) that roosts are for sleeping, not nest boxes. I have never seen either of my roosters anywhere near the nest boxes, so I tried putting one on there. He acted basically like a human man would when you try to drag him into the lingerie dept. at walmart. He couldn't get away from that nest fast enough!
I told him, don't worry Zeus it's not contagious.

Despite the nest box thing, my roosters are goofy in lots of other ways. I do wish I could find a way to get a video of Thor running. He's kinda knock-kneed and everytime I see him run I think run forrest! run!

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