Goose depression?


Jun 8, 2017
Hi, I'm pretty new to raising geese. I had a pilgrim goose on a nest. She was setting well, and one day I came out to several broken eggs and the nest full of flies and my goose was off, she had abandoned the clutch. Since then, she has been keeping to herself, not eating, and generally acting depressed. She is growing weaker and I am wondering if there is anything I can do for her. It was suggested that I get some ducklings for her to raise. Will she accept them? How to I introduce them? Are there any medications or supplements I can give to help her? I posted here in the goose page because I'm thinking this is a problem isolated to geese. Help? I'd appreciate any ideas or suggestions
Have you caught her and examined her? Is she injured? I can understand depressed, she lost her nest of eggs. And keeping to herself, well, she's been out of the flock for a little while so it may take her a bit to work back into the social order. But your comment about her growing weaker has me concerned. I am wondering if a predator got the nest and got her a bit too... a bite or scratch that has become infected?
Her behavior is perfectly normal. Sitting is hard on many geese. Failed hatches for any reason (dud eggs, predator issues, etc.) tend to leave them depressed. They do get over it after a few days to a couple of weeks. Plus, summer season is quiet time where they get ready for full molting. My geese get affected by heat too, acting more lethargic and sometimes panting on hot days unless playing in water.

I would offer her a fresh kiddy pool or turn on sprinkler in her favorite grazing/chilling area. If she has favorite grain or fruit/veggie, I'd make sure to offer that too. Assuming you already have other geese, I would not worry about getting her anything to raise.

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