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  1. My female 10 year old Pilgrim Goose has been feeling a little down..I might say depressed, not eating well and watery poop. They free range, have drinking and bathing water fruits, veggies, cracked corn and share my goats alfalfa. No sneezing or watery eyes just generally not herself. Her life long mate is doing fine and acts as if nothing is going on. In ten years neither of these geese has ever acted funny. Except once when the goose had a problem laying her first egg of the season. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  2. The first thing i would do is get a fecal. She could have worms or coccidiosis. In any case, this would be a good starting point. You might also do a body exam. Pick her up, see if she is thin. Check her feet.

    Edited to ask, do you give them Flockraiser or any type of feed like that?
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    Hope your goose is doing better!
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    Any updates? [​IMG]
  6. I took Libby to a avian vet. After tube feeding and sticking pills down her throat she is doing better. Her fecal came back and she has a bacterial infection and she is anemic. So, she is living the good life on our deck in a puppy pen getting pampered and treated like a queen. She will be isolated from her very sad gander and the rest of our crew until she finishes her coarse of Baytril 10 days from now. Personally I think she is really enjoying this quiet life on the deck. It seems to me she is happy in her own little pen with her own little pool, fresh veggies and a bowl of flockraiser and scratch. She's never had it so good![​IMG]
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    So happy to hear you were able to treat her, Looking to hear of a full recovery, but you know word will get out about the spa on the deck and no telling how many more will become sick[fake] just to get the treatment. [​IMG] Some pics would be nice too.

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