Goose gave me a scare, followed by 1st Vet visit

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    Apr 12, 2012
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    When I went to let my geese out, April, my female chinese goose that will be a year old next month, waddled out slowly. I knew something was wrong because both of my geese are usually honking away at the door when they see me approaching in the mornings. She had her legs spread and plopped down at one point, I assumed she was in the middle of laying an egg but that she got up because my gander alerted that someone was coming. I was going to lead her back in so she could finish, but when I walked in the back I saw an egg was already there. So I figured maybe this egg was a little tough for her.

    Where April is laying this season, taken a couple of days ago. The egg she layed today will be her 18th.

    As the geese & I slowly walked from their coop to where their pools are (a distance where they usually fly in the mornings), April seemed to get her bearings a little, but still seemed a little "drunk". I stood by her pool to see if she wanted to take a bath, she kept looking up sideways, kind of what they do when they see something flying overhead, but it wasnt quite right.
    She finally got in, floated a little, got out and walked around, still doing the sideways look, to the point where I thought maybe she lost sight in an eye.

    I ran inside to get a sav-a-chik packet which has been such a lifesaver in the past & she drank a little bit of the mix. A bit relieved, and thinking that maybe she just needed an electrolyte boost, I left my geese and went inside. I should mention that my gander was completely fine this whole time.

    Back inside I figured it was either the egg that made her loopy or that maybe she ate a mushroom. I've seen that mushrooms sometimes grow in the run area of their coop, but all the times Ive seen them, they've been left untouched. Maybe this time my goose got curious? I still dont know if there are any growing currently since I didnt have a chance to inspect when I became alarmed by my goose's behavior.

    I looked out the window and she still wasnt acting right and then suddenly she began to convulse. My dad & I ran outside and she was on her back wings spread. We picked her up and her neck was practically limp. My gander was honking like crazy because someone had picked up his friend. I'd say we entered panic mode.

    While my dad held her outside, I googled avian vets in my area, then I looked up the number for the local Extension Office thinking that they could probably refer me to someone - nope. Called the first 2 places that came up in avian vets and by some miracle, they do accept geese. We wrapped April in a towel climbed in the car & left my crying gander behind.

    She seemed to improve on the car ride. Maybe being warmed up helped, her neck looked a little more stable. Got to the vet, he took a blood sample from under her wing & said her glucose levels were low. He believed she might be suffering from a calcium & glucose deficiency & was going to treat her for that. He said if we were dealing with a toxin (mushroom?!) the treatment wouldnt work & to expect the worse just in case. He gave her 2 injections, at this point, I dont even remember what they were, and went to the back to prepare some oral meds. April seemed to perk up almost immediately.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    April @ the vet

    Vet came back & I held her beak open while he gave her some clear stuff (which she didnt like) & said if it were a toxin, we should get some activated charcoal to give her, but he wanted to see if this treatment works first. He said if he were to give her all kinds of tests first (related to toxins) we'd be leaving with a huge vet bill, so this was the better option. Instead, we left with a bill of $300ish and some change. Holy cow.
    He also gave us some meds to give her every 4 hours, 2 ccs worth.
    [​IMG] "Cyoix? lilvit??ric Supplement"

    April was SO much better on the car ride home. I wish I could say the vet left an impression on me like Iain's super-vet Dave (i think it was Dave). We're supposed to take April back tomorrow to see if she is any better. If her condition worsens, he said the next best option is to euthanize, which I'm prepared for, but at the same time, totally not.

    If you've read this far, I thank you. It helps to have people to share this with who can kind of understand, and I would appreciate your thoughts and perhaps prayers for my little goose. Its always the kind, gentle ones it happens to isnt it? Though I dont think it would be any easier if it were my gander under distress. Sometimes it sucks to be a softie when it comes to animals. I think I'll be able to find comfort in knowing that we gave April the best life we could, but I certainly hope that the underlying cause was nutritional loss due to egg laying, and not any weird toxin.

    Next med dose will be at 3:30.

    [​IMG] <-- After getting back from the vet trip & taking her medicine.

    ^ In the center - she's had a long day, and its just the morning.
    Our gander is glad to have his friend back.
    Hoping she gets better...

    My geese, 3 days ago
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    Apr 12, 2012
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    I forgot to add, since we've been having this calcium discussion ( ) I asked the vet it if was ok to take human calcium pills, grind them & put them in my goose's water. He said that it was fine, but I'm not entirely convinced of his poultry knowledge. Maybe the practice of avian medicine is same throughout the bird species, I dont know, and logically he must know more than me, but I wish felt more comfortable.

    I suppose as goose owners, the calcium supplement is up to your discretion.
  3. newgoosegal

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    Feb 20, 2013
    I'm sending goose prayers for April. You are a good momma! I remember when I took a chicken to the vet and the clinic thought I was crazy. All beings deserve good care!
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    Oh my goodness GB I can imagine how scarey it was, I will remember you and April in my prayers. God cares about all His creatures. I hope you see marked improvement soon. [​IMG]
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    Sorry, GB. I hope she recovers completely!
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  7. Going Bhonkers

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    Apr 12, 2012
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    Thanks so much for your kind words, everyone. I hate the waiting game. Would hate it less if I saw that she was more active. She's been sleeping a lot, I'm worried that I havent seen her graze. Hopefully this medicine we're giving her will work & she'll perk up tomorrow.

    Celtic, if the med doesnt work, I think I'll give one if the toxin flushes a try, probably go with the Epsom flush. How do you administer it? I have a syringe that the vet gave us for the medicine, but it only goes up to 3 tablespoons. Do you just put it in a small bowl for them to drink? I know for sure that she wont drink all of it if left up to her.
  8. Going Bhonkers

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    Apr 12, 2012
    SW Florida
    I feel terrible. She's not looking any better. Not even eating her favorite type of lettuce
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I just hope that if it isnt intended for her to see tomorrow, that she goes peacefully. She is so gentle & kind [​IMG]
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    Dec 17, 2011
    Oh no!!! Hope your vet knows what he is doing and she shows improvement over the next 24 hours!!!! [​IMG]
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    Jan 17, 2011
    [​IMG]Awwww [​IMG]

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