Goose lost his tongue?! Thoughts/help/suggestions?


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May 25, 2015
I have a 3 year old gander that yesterday I noticed is now missing most of his tongue. Its been really hot lately so they have all been panting during the heat of the day and I was looking at everybody and thought he looked funny. So I got a hold of him and looked (also had a second person look because I didn't believe my eyes) he is missing his tongue. He has the very back of it back by his throat but all the rest is missing. It looks like a relatively clean cut and I didn't see any signs of infection and it already looked to be healing. (Which surprised me because I look my guys over carefully and frequently and feel like I should have noticed this sooner!) I called the vet, as well as did some research (without too much luck) and the consensus is that I will just keep an eye on it and as long as there is no infection he should be good to go. I have been watching him eat and he seems to be doing just fine, but I am a little concerned about winter. I usually have grain available 24/7 along with a grass hay, plus they get lettuce and other treats pretty frequently as well. He has no problem eating grain or lettuce, which I have watched him do already but I am concerned that he isn't going to be able to eat the hay very well. Does any one have any thoughts on this? Any thing else you can think of would be appreciated too!

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