Goose noises


Oct 10, 2020
Pretoria, South Africa
I do not know too much about the noises geese make. I more or less "inherited" one and bought him or her a friend. I'll post a photo. What I would like to know is what noise can be considered normal. The big one seems to screem sometimes very different from honking. The little one makes soft clucking sound like you hear from chickens. When the big one starts screeming the little one joins in with a funne hoarse voice, completely different, almost like there is something wrong, but he seems fine. It is the big one that worries me. His or her, I do not know their gender, screems when there are movement from the neighbours which seems normal, but sometimes he screems until he sounds hoarse, can he still me mourning his dead friend?
A video of their sounds can help, it’s hard posting videos here so most people post to YouTube, Instagram, or Vimeo and post a link to it here.

The loud yelling is normal, it’s a sort of “WHOS THERE/ Greeting call.” Females will join in, depending on their voice it can be a higher pitched “AAA AA AA AAA” or sometimes a little lower and gravely compared to the male. The chattering clucking sound is nodal too.

Geese all have different voices so it can be hard to tell if their voice is normal or if something is wrong if you haven’t had them very long but sometimes voice changes like being quieter or altered pitch can be a sign of a respiratory illness.

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