Goose over heating??


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Aug 17, 2020
Sydney NSW Australia
I have three 2 month old Chinese geese, that have their own little pool.
This happened about a week ago as well and again today so I'm thinking maybe over heating but it seems weird for it to be off balance, anyway one of them lost its balance and was flapping its wings falling over and calling out and would stand up extremely straight and it's legs would tremble when it walked it would keep falling until I put it in the pool and it acts completely normal again and can walk around after swimming for a bit. This is the same goose, this hasn't happened to the other 2 and they are all fully feathered

I tried looking up over heating symptoms but haven't had any luck, should I talk to a vet?

Isaac 0

Jul 19, 2016
What are the temperatures in your area? Do you have a video of him?

If those are the kind of symptoms you're seeing, it would be best to have the goose taken to the vet, as ataxia-like symptoms can be indicative of several serious conditions, like toxicosis, bacterial/viral infections, neurological damage, heat stress, among others. Hopefully through a thorough examination, and basic diagnostic tests the vet will be able to give a good reason for the symptoms.

In the meantime, try to keep the goose in a quiet, stressful free area, with feed and water provided.

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