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    This is NOT my listing, it is an email from North Carolina Waterfowl Rescue... please send any emails or comment to: [email protected]

    Do not contact me as I have no more information available other then what is listed below. Thank you!

    A rehabber contacted me from salisbury and needs a release site for a healthy Canada Goose. If you have a pond and will allow the goose to be released please let me know I will pass over the contact info.

    We have a rescuer in Asheville with a couple of ducks needing homes. If your willing to meet her or are close please let me know again I will pass on the contact info.

    We still have some cockatiels needing adoptions. We can not travel outside our area to conduct home visits. I would consider a out of town adopter with photos and a vet reference.

    Our group is entirely volunteer run. Most of our volunteers work full time, have families and take care of animals on top of that. We just dont have time to drive long distances. I wish we could but we just cant. We are happy to pass on animals needing homes outside the area but we do not ship any of our animals either.

    Currently I am close to 100 emails behind on replying to people. Emails with a reply that says "I will take it" or "give me everything" will not get a response. If you want to adopt an animal please give us a little background on you and your other animals and why you want this particular animal. If your a breeder or "farmer" who sells birds you will not qualify to adopt animals from us.

    The first question I have to ask someone is how you keep, or plan to keep, your ducks. Are your ducks on a pond, do you pen them etc. That makes a big difference in what type of ducks we allow people to adopt. It helps us greatly and cuts way down on response times if you give us the information upfront.

    I do apologize for the delay it takes for someone to get back to you and I know the response time is slow but we will eventually respond to everyone and hopefully be able to add some feathered friends to your family. We couldnt do our work without people willing to give the animals a home.

    Thanks !

    Carolina Waterfowl Rescue
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