Goose shootin' blanks?

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    We have a Afrikan Gander named Pickles. We've had him since he was a little gossling. Pickles is 12 years old. At the same time we got Pickles we also got an Afrikan goose named Olivia. All these years and tons.... and I mean tons of eggs..but not one hatchling from the bunch. Olivia was killed 3 years ago in broad day light by a coyote. The following spring we got another goose, this time a Touloose.
    She beautiful and lays tons....and I mean tons of eggs. Still no sitting....just laying. At first I thought maybe our first goose was I'm tinking maybe Pickles the one....what do you guys think about that?
    Thanks in advance, Chris

    We have 2 geese, 11 chickens, 2 llamas, 2 pet beef cattle, 2 dogs, 2 cockateils and one dove.
  2. The fertility of a goose is the highest at around 3 years old after that the fertility starts to decrease. At 12 years old I think that he is sterile. If she isnt sitting that doesnt mean that they eggs arent fertile. She might not want to sit. I would take a couple eggs and put them in the incubator and see if they are fertile, who knows, maybe youll get lucky and get a gosling.
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    Thanks for the quick reply! I guess he lost his prime time 9 years ago.
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    are you seeing them mate? most geese dont mature until their 2nd or 3rd year and from then can have little ones for several years after.just remember to keep an eye on them as just because you have male/female together dont always mean you will have little ones.kind of like people, they have to somewhat like to be around each other.[​IMG]
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    Quote:Because she is not sitting does not mean the eggs are not fertile. Just like chickens not every female goose has an urge to sit and brood goslings. If she is not sitting that doesn't mean anything at all about the gander.

    There maybe something wrong, I am not saying that, but the fertility of your gander and a simply a non-sitting goose does not indicate such.

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