Goose Stepping Rooster - No other signs of problems

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  1. greenegglady

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    Apr 10, 2011
    Hi -

    My first question so forgive me if you've all heard this before....

    My dear Americauna rooster Pepper has recently started Goose Stepping and hopping. Step one, two, three, hop, step one .... etc. Aside from looking like something out of a bad Monty Python skit, there is nothing else wrong, he's eating, chasing the girls, running around with them....

    So I spent the afternoon reviewing possibilities here on the forum and narrowed it down to two possibilites - Scaly Leg Mites or Bumblefoot. It's finally dark enuf I could pick him up off the perch without too much stress, and gave him a good exam. There are no Patches or Lessions on his "pads", infact they are nice and soft, normal white colour, not red or inflamed looking. His scales all look really good, nice flat, shiny black. He was rather indignant about being held on his back while checked him out, but nothing seemed to hurt him.

    The snow just left here a couple weeks ago, so the coop needs a good clean out, but i know there's nothing sharp on the floor. As soon as the snow started melting he was outside with the girls, I did notice he wasn't afraid to stand on the snow at all, and that is where I first saw him lifting a leg, but really, if it was that cold on him, he Chose to stand there, he had plenty of dirt to stand in if he wanted. And if it was frostbite from standing on top of the snowpile, that really was a couple weeks back, wouldnt there be signs on his pads by now, black patches etc????

    Any ideas on what else to look for?

  2. speckledhen

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    Since his leg scales are flat, it's not leg mites, so maybe he's developing gout or maybe he has arthritis. I have a hen with arthritis who steps high. Her feet are so gnarly. Thought maybe it was gout, but Pine Grove was helping me with her and said if the lumps were soft and moved, it was probably gout, but if hard, then arthritis.

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