Goose with Pink Eye/eye infection


Apr 30, 2018
I have 6month old goose whose inner corner of the eye has been red for a few days and yesterday it was slightly swollen and there was a lot of discharge around the eye. I cleaned the eye with saline last night and cleaned the area around the eye. The eye looked less swollen this morning and there was no discharge around the eye, but it was still red(but a little less red too).
I have the choice of vetrycin opthamalic gel or terramycin opthamalic at the local TSC. The terramycin is much more expensive than the vetrycin, but has antibiotics. Is there another product TSC would have similar to the terramycin, but cheaper? Would the vetrycin work the same?
Is there an OTC product in the US for people that is safe for poultry?
Any other advice on treating the eye infection is welcome.

The goose girl

11 Years
Jul 7, 2010
One of my geese just had an eye infection. The vet prescribed chloramphenicol ointment to be applied 2-3 times daily, and that took care of it in five days.

That said, my vet told me it was important for her to examine the eye to rule out contaminant or abrasion.

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