Goosling info


May 23, 2017
We're trying to get ducklings this week and I was just thinking "why not also add a goose?". I tried doing some reading on them but im still a bit confused. When they are fully grown can geese eat chicken layer feed? I give my girls DuMOR 16% layer ( ) My hens free range almost 24/7, unless we're gone for awhile, so the goose would have plenty of grass time. Also, what do gooslings eat, and when do they switch off of that? Any other helpful advise would be appreciated too :) Also it would probably be just one goose with two or three ducklings (unless the goose NEEDS another goose).
Alright, so if I get gooslings it would have to be 2 plus. And they can have layer feed (?) (I think I've read elsewhere no so I'm still not sure if it's okay). What about when they are young, what do they eat and when can they move up? Also I'd like their food to be out 24/7 just incase we're gone.
2 goslings would work and for feed get an all flock it's formulated for all poultry and is good for baby water fowl and chicks from hatch through life. Just put out oyster shell on the side for calcium. [crumble]

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