Gordie RIR rooster, free in upstate NY

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    Free to good home, my roo, who is overmating his two "favorite" hens. I'm tired of dressing them in clothing, so he has to go. By the way, his name is Lola. He was named when he was still just an egg, but he turned out to be a boy. [​IMG] He's a good protector, and obviously has no qualms about doing his "husbandly" duties. This roo is from Gordie Sturnweis's stock in Wisconsin. He's extremely winter hardy, healthy, beautiful, and could probably win if you want to show him. Seriously, he has great conformation. He'll be 10 months old this month. He's used to free ranging. Is great with the hens and sweet-natured. Please email me if interested. I have some pics I can send. Thanks for looking!

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