GORDON the ROOSTER needs a new home!! (San Jose, CA) Please help!


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Jun 17, 2016
We have a sweet, friendly rooster named Gordon.

He was born on May 5, 2016. (3 months old). He was hatched as part of a local school project and we ended up adopted him through a friend, but we can no longer keep him due to San Jose city ordinance and need to find him a new home with a loving family as soon as possible.

I am located in San Jose, California. Please contact me ASAP. Thank you!!

And if anyone has any leads or knows of an organization that could help place him, please let me know as well. We've been calling around with no luck. :(

2 more photos of Gordon. You can see he's wearing the no-crow collar we sewed him to buy him a little more time.

Have you considered making him an inside chicken so he can't bother your neighbors? I would imagine if he was inside an inside cage, (like a parrot cage) that no one would report you if they didn't know he was there
2 more photos of Gordon. You can see he's wearing the no-crow collar we sewed him to buy him a little more time.

I also keep my Rooster Colonel Cluck indoors for the same reasons. If he is a gentleman then this would be a very workable idea. I would recommend giving it a try and see how it goes as you are very unlikely to find anyone to rehome him to that would not just be making soup out of him. There are a variety of ways you can help keep your house clean with a chicken living in it. Duck diapers are very real thing. Best Wishes.
Hi- I live in Corralitos in the country and need to come into town on Monday. I'm happy to give Gordon a good home.
831--786-9202 land

This is the other option. It comes with a plastic tarp (so you could just rinse it off once a day outside with the hose and wipe down with vinegar. I'd put newspaper or papertowels down though.) this would need a top of it, to keep chickens from jumping out, but there's enough room for a little house, plus food/water and room to walk around when you're not there.

This is our second choice, because even with a roof, we can put a roosting bar.

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