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    Mar 30, 2008
    Springfield, OR
    My 16 wk EE rooster needs a new home.

    He's a healthy guy, with no problems. Not at all aggressive. But he's just learned how to crow, we're in town and.... you all know the drill.

    He's been free range since around 4 weeks, and fed organic chick starter exclusively. Treats have been some organic fruit and veggie scraps, various grains, flax seeds... but mostly BOSS.

    We travel frequently as far south as Grants Pass, and up to Portland/Vancouver. We'd be happy to deliver anywhere along the I-5 corridor, and to meet partway if you live further east or west.

    Thanks, I'll edit with photos soon.


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    Here's a cute pic with him and kids. [​IMG]


    [edited to add photos]
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