Gorgeous 2 yo Splash Ameraucana Roo needs a new home asap, Lafayette, CO


8 Years
Apr 3, 2011
We love this bird, but the neighbors, not so much. He is beautiful and sweet tempered, good with his girls, and diligent about looking after his human flock, announcing all the comings and goings to ensure everyone is kept up to speed. We want to find him a home that will keep him working outside the stew pot, as my kids are very attached to him and sad that he needs to go.

No blood lines in this guy that I know of, but if you are raising Easter Eggers, he'd be your man! Or if you just want a friendly guy about the place, and like having fertile eggs.
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Good luck finding him a home. I have a 3 week old Splash pullet (hoping she's a pullet) & would love him, but I'm in NY, too far. I have family in Longmont & Broomfield.

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