Gorgeous and friendly blue ameraucana rooster - 5 months old - Concord/East Bay California

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    Feb 14, 2012
    San Francisco Bay Area
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    This beautiful and affectionate Roo is now with Sandy Brooks at Brookside Ranch, a rooster rescue facility in Clayton. She has lots of roosters and hens who need good forever homes so if you're interested in growing your flock please see Sandy or call Concord Feed and Pet on 5288 Clayton Road in Concord: (925) 887-9200. Or if you'd like you can send me an email and I'll coordinate with her on your behalf.

    So you know, I think he's terrific! I had him with my flock for a short time but he was very protective of my girls - showed them where to eat and escorted them around my yard - and although he has a strong crow, he doesn't go off too frequently or too early. You can easily pick him up and carry him around because he likes to be held and cuddled, and remains content in your arms without any fuss. He has the most mellow and easy-going temperament of any chicken I've encountered. If you meet him, you'll agree he's amazing.
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    May 6, 2012
    Looking for Sandys number to see if she's picking up tomorrow I have 2 roosters either blue or blk orpingtons that are about 6-8 wks old super nice beautiful birds .. Just can't have Roos.. Thank you

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