Gorgeous Partridge Silkie cockeral - 14 weeks old

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    Known around my place as "Slim Shady" (yes feel free to giggle [​IMG] ) he is a gorgeous boy that I just hate to have to part with. Definately a boy - has a nice head full of streamers and hes already given a week attempt at a couple crows. Hes very sweet and easy tempered.

    I will try to take more and better pics, but right now all I have to work with is a cell phone camera.

    please do not hit buy it now - PM me.

    I have never shipped live birds, so honestly I am not comfortable with shipping him unless someone can walk me through it. Also at this time of year I feel it is just too hot to try and risk shipping... - so I'd prefer pick up only - I can meet up within a reasonable distance for gas compensation.

    *~*~*~* He is FREE to a good home if you pick up*~*~*~*
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