Gosling ID White Chinese or Embden?


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Oct 15, 2018
NE Wisconsin
On May 13th we picked up some assorted Goslings and they all looked to be the same kind from my online searching and we wanted to add geese to the farmstead. They are growing up fast and I will need to start to build a mobile coop for them and I am faced with the issue of "Are these Chinese or Embden goslings"? The breeds are very different in size which will impact the size of the coop! I am to noobish to be able figure it out and I have spent hours trying to compare pics online to my birds with no luck. I think I have flip flopped on breed about twice a week now and I need some expert help please. The second video was taken just a couple of days ago. Thanks in advance!
I currently have 3 chinese exactly same as yours but I cant see their beaks to really tell. The only think I remember different about the emden I had years ago was the beak shape. These chinese have a beak that has looked almost wrinkled? like not smooth. Kind of gaudy! hahaha The emden had a perfect beak that was smooth and very similar to a duck. Im guessing because the emden beak doesnt extend up to the forehead like the chinese do??? The emden is a bigger goose too by maybe 10+ pounds. I think just from rough picture yours look like chinese. :cool:

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