gosling injured by dog- sibling killed


8 Years
May 25, 2011
I put my two goslings outside in the dog crate I used for my cockerel chicks to get some air and chomp some grass. My husband came round the corner holding a dead gosling and one still alive. I tried to revive the dead one but no luck at all. Injured one has several rips to the chest, i can see muscle. Also laceration to the bill, and bite near its oil gland.
Have cleaned it up, shaved the area, and applied honey under a dressing.

Our dobermann female-who licks the goslings normally- had torn away the end covers and was "mothering" the dead gosling she had pulled outside through the gap. She had nibbled around the bellybutton area but not torn skin. Neck was floppy but ? had internal injuries...so gutted. First goslings hatched ever by me

Not sure whether to keep on own or put in with runner duckings as now on its own as sibling killed...
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I would keep the gosling separated until its healed so it doesn't get picked on and stays clean. When its feeling a little better, introduce it to the ducks. Good luck- don't feel too bad. My old pup has accidently loved a couple of birds to death. What made it worse for me- my poor dog looked like he felt absolutely terrible he'd done it. You know that guilty look "but mom, I was just trying to keep the baby warm."
Am still devastated. I have put some eqyss aloe gel on the injured goslings wounds. Big puncture marks on her chest and bald areas. Also just found another puncture wound and can see muscle above her thigh, which explains why she is not steady on her feet. Poor thing just keeps shivering. I spent afternoon with her tucked down my tshirt. She is soooo quiet. Am worried she will miss her sibling overnight, so might go dig out a cuddly toy for her to cuddle into. She is on a heat pad.

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