Gosling is having troubles walking

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Apr 28, 2010
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We recently aquired a baby gosling that is having troubles walking. I don't know much on his history & I'm not sure how old he is but he's starting to get his adult feathers so I'm guessing he's between 8-10 wks. He can take about 3-4 normal steps and then it is as if he trips on the one leg. If he gets excited and tries to move quickly he just falls over. I've examined him head to toe and don't see any "abnormailities" and he seems to stand just fine. Any thoughts?

I will try to get a video of him walking this weekend if possible but it has been raining here and my camera doesn't like rain!
What breed? Protein percentage on the feed and/or brand/type of feed?

I would add niacin to the food or water,.. and if you can get flockraiser put him on it.

Sometimes heavy breeds will outgrow their legs if pushed for growth too fast by a) high protein b) excessive feed or any combination thereof. Could also be a nutritional deficiency or physical problem unrelated to nutrition.
Sometimes waterfowl have vitamin B deficiencies, usually Thiamine and Niacin. IT's more common in ducks. It causes lameness and weakness and sometimes seizures (esp in ducks).

It wouldn't hurt to get some Polyvisol without iron (human baby vit drops) and squirt a dropperful in his water. They are water soluable and he'll use what he needs, poop out the rest. You'll end up changing his water often anyway. Do this in one of his "waters" a day.

Brewer's yeast sprinkled on his food is yummy too, and can be bought in the healthfood section/stores. It is super rich in B vitamins.

He could have an injury, too. But it sounds like he's using the leg, and so it will probably heal up just fine. The extra vit B will help with stress from any discomfort he has.

Gamebird feed is super high in protein. Be sure and switch him to a lower protein feed by three or four weeks, he won't need it past that date, and if he has angel wing in his genetics, it might set it off. If you get waterfowl specific feed, it should have plenty of the vitamins important to them. I do not use specific waterfowl feed, but mine get a squirt of vitamins in their "house water" every few days, and have tons of greens available all the time.
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