Gosling with Possible Leg Deformity/Defect...? *Video & Pics*

Discussion in 'Geese' started by Bleenie, Jun 24, 2010.

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    One of the 3 Brown Chinese goslings i adopted not long ago has developed a sort of issue with it's legs. it is the biggest & oldest one, the icky lady estimated it to be about 1.5wks old when i got it(what do you think?).

    It's legs (knees?) turn outward, Very obviously. it makes it very clumsy when walking on uneven ground or when it runs. it just looks very bow-legged. now i know geese and ducks all have that waddle look, inward turned feet but this babies legs just dont look right. could it be a hatching thing? bad nutrition? or just a deformity that developed?

    He/She will stay as long as it doesn't worsen to the point of being crippling or becoming a big mobility problem for it.

    Here is a video of it walking with it's 2 'siblings', they are younger & smaller than it.

    Some pics:
    In the front here:
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  2. marathonmultiplesmom

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    I see what you mean but as long as he or she gets around ok then its probably not that big of a deal. My thoughts were that maybe it was something with the incubation but theres no way to really know for sure.
  3. nuts4chickens

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    It almost looks like Rickett's? Was it born this way or did the problem just recently develop? Could be a vitamin deficiency? Just a guess.
  4. nuts4chickens

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    You may want to add some vitamin D to his diet and see if this helps. Are his legs and beak soft and rubbery?
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    Just to get a feel for his situation...

    What is he eating? Protein %? Type of diet?
  6. Bleenie

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    They're eating 20% non-medicated Starter and they get to go out in the yard since it's been nice lately so they're eating a lot of grass and little bugs now too. The other 2 are perfectly normal but i can add some Avia Charge to the water and see if it helps, I haven't ever had any leg/wing issues with any of the ducks/goslings until this one.

    I think it has recently developed or maybe just gotten more noticable? Do you think the weight could be making it more prominent?

    The legs & bill are nice and solid, not rubbery or strange-feeling at all.

    They were filthy & nearly weightless when i got them, the woman had starved them that day(if not longer), i am sure of it. They're total BRICKS compared to what they were.
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    Realize this is an old thread, but this is what my goslings one leg looks like. What ever happened with this goose?
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