Goslings on parade . . . Picture Heavy


8 Years
Here's a few pictures of my geese and their batch of 12 goslings . . . the goslings are 2 weeks old exactly, and doing great. I may not get much done watching them out my window though. Today was their first day outside, and the ganders first meeting with their goslings. The ganders had mostly gotten over their breeding season grumpiness, but that all ended as soon as they saw the goslings . . .

It is clear that the ganders, who had no clue about the goslings till a half hour before this picture, are taking their duties seriously.

Whiffle is very happy that the ganders can guard the goslings . . . she is very relaxed, much more so then when she was in the barn.

I am not on Bumble's approved visitors list -- but then - no one is . . .

A little gosling line for the pool . . . although they were too little to get in it yet. I had to put an extra waterer out as the parent geese weren't getting them to the water often enough.

And I'm resisting putting any more pictures on today, but no promises about tomorrow . . .
I love your little goslings!!!
What breed are they? And I would love it if you posted pictures tomorrow
I especially love Bumble by the way
In the pictures there are two pairs of American Buff geese with the goslings -- the geese nested and hatched their babies on the same days -- it was amazing. So they all mob together . . . I have two more females and another male but they didn't end up hatching goslings this year. I'm quite satisfied with 12 goslings though . . .

Thanks for the nice comments about the pictures! I had fun taking them . . . and Bumble is my favorite too . . .

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