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  1. Sugar Sand Farm

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    Apr 24, 2007
    North Florida
    We have f5 3 week old goslings and 2 ducklings They were in a brooder in our spare room (5ft kiddie pool) After all this time I noticed two of them had fur missing on their backs. I got in touch witha friend of mine who runs a duck rescue and he said they were too crowded that they needed to be outside . So yesterday we fenced in a 12x12 foot section of our goose yard for them We put up bird netting so the hawks cant get them. He said to make sure they have shade but not to let them swim. My question is this. Its in the 90's here and very humid. They are hot they are emptying their water a few times a day I also have a bowl so they can dip their heads and clean their bills. Why can't they swim. Its very hot and I know they won't get a chill. I just went out and one of the ducklings was laying in the bowl. I put a very shallow pan of water out there and they all jumped in Is there a reason I shouldn't let them swim. I tried to contact my friend but hes not home any help would be appreciated. Micki
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    May 26, 2007
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    they probably still have there down feathers, which means when the git in to water there feathers swel up and causes them to drowned.!but putting a shalow bowl of water is fine.but i cant reamember what age they are before they start gitting there real feathers. [​IMG] so maby some one else knows what age is best to start swimming. ?
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    I guess I did it all wrong then because I was letting mine swim (supervised of course) from the day I got them. My ducklings were 3 days old when they had their first swim in a shallow rubbermaid container lid. They had a blast! I took them out after awhile and dried them off. Once they were 3 weeks old, they were ranging the yard with my chickens and can swim in their pool as they want to. We also have goslings who are older now, but were young when we got them and I let them swim right away too. Guess I'm not doing it right, but my ducks and geese are cool on hot days and happy when they're muddy! My ducklings are 5 weeks old now, and the goslings are between 5 weeks and 2 months old. They've all been in the yard free ranging with my guineas, chickens, and turkeys (and the goats!) for the last three weeks and I have yet to loose one.
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    May 26, 2007
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    no 4h mom ur not doing any thing wrong ,what i ment is that they did not need to be left unsuperived in a deper pool or pond while they are to young ,

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