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Discussion in 'Geese' started by Goosebumps, Jun 5, 2011.

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    Jun 5, 2011
    I have 3 month old goslings, Gabby an Embden and Tickle a Roman Tufted. I just got two more Embdens about one month old. Someone thought they were cute at Easter but decided they didn't want them anyone. Anyway, introduced them to my big babies and Gabby pinches them and Tickle is charging them. They almost seem jealous. It did seem like they were mothering or protecting when my Great Pyrs came to check out their new charges but later then they began harassing them. Maybe they are just teaching, guiding, or something good. I don't know but would love some experts opinions. I have them in their own pen and house at present, which was where my big babies used to stay while small. But when I take them out to forage and visit the ponds, they are being charged into the big pond where even my big babies wont go unless I get in a inflatable boat and go with them! Any advice or information greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. We got a batch of 4 goslings, then another batch of 4 3 weeks later. What I did was use a puppy fence and divide the stall in two. The little geese had their time in the brooder, and when they out grew that, they had time in the seperate area. In about three weeks, they were begging to be let in with the big geese. I did so, and watched them. There were a few exploratory nibbles, and some "That is mine, you can't have it," from the big geese, and then they were fine. Now they all flock together. So maybe some more separate but near time? They were younger than yours when the groups were introduced together . . . poor baby geese in the middle of the pond! I'd think with some time they'd be able to work it out -- geese seem to love each others company. Ours definitely preferred other geese over the ducks for instance.
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    Been having similar issues. I have 6 older Peking ducks and then 6 younger Embden geese. the ducks are 10 weeks or so and then the geese turned 4 weeks today. they had been at odds with the ducks as they would charge the goslings and hit them with their beak. I separated them for the most part but the pen the goslings have been in is depleted of good grass. so I left the gate open to let them forage more. the ducks took it as an open invitation to "Foul" the goslings water pool. when they went to leave the pen the other day they met face to face with geese. they tried to charge them but Oscar & King Kong the two big males of the geese let them have it. they didn't get anything over on the geese anymore. it was nice to see some aggression to protect themselves from the ducks. now they seem to be ok, they lay about 10 feet away under the back porch in the shade and leave each other alone.
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    Apr 26, 2011
    orange county
    I just started putting my two ducks and one goose (all of whome were 3 weeks old last week) in with the three 12 week old ducks with a fence for separation.... they seemed to all be fine throughout last week.

    so today I let the fence open and the ducks and the babies interacted... my gosling (who is the same size as the big ducks) has no problem chasing or getting back at the older ducks when they run into her (their form of charging) or the other baby ducks... my one baby buff duck does the same but a little less often. Seems everybody is equal now except the blue indian runner baby... she is a wuss and follows the gosling everywhere for safety.

    I would suggest separation between your goslings and geese until the goslings are about the same size and able to defend themselves. Size was the deciding factor for me. Within 3 hours all is quiet in the yard and there are still 2 groups-older and younger...but I feel good about having them together because the golsing is able to protect and defend.

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