Got 4 broody hens...


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Jul 11, 2008
Gila, New Mexico
My silkie went broody, and she's on day 9 with 13 bantam cochin and silkie eggs. She started with 16, but I candled last night and 13 are developing beautifully. She's due on Friday, June 25. She hatched out babies for me on April 9, and didn't waste much time going broody again after raising them for 4 weeks.

I've been watching a welsummer who wouldn't get off the nest box for a few days, and today I gave her 15 standard fowl mixed breed eggs. Her babies will be due July 2 or 3. This is her first time being broody, but she seemed happy to have a clutch to set. Crossing my fingers that she'll do well. Anyone else have welsummers go broody? She's a hatchery girl.

I've been hoping my little bantam cochin would go broody, and sure enough today she definitely is. She's an experienced mama, and has hatched out probably 4 or 5 clutches of eggs in her 20 months of life. She hatched a baby on April 28, but it was one that I wanted to hand-raise, so she went straight back into the flock a couple days after the baby hatched. I had a carton+2 of bantam cochin and silkie eggs that I'd saved, hoping I'd get a broody, but they've been sitting on my counter for a long time. We have no air conditioner, and my house is often up to 90 or 95 degrees in the summer, so I candled the eggs before setting them. 6 showed evidence of starting to develop then quitting. I dropped one getting the nest situated, so she's got seven 2-3 week old eggs. Crossing my fingers for those.

I've got a 2yo barred rock who has hatched one clutch of eggs over a year ago, but I didn't let her mother the babies. She's been showing signs of broody since yesterday, so I'll give her a clutch of mixed barnyard eggs tomorrow. Her due date will be July 3. I'm out of broody boxes, so I'll have to improvise something for her. Any great ideas? The dog kennel is full, and the cat kennel is too small. Maybe I can find her a big cardboard box...

Wish I could afford to buy eggs, but summers get so expensive with everyone being out of school and all the activities we have going on. Maybe someone will go broody later, and I can get those eggs I've been dreaming of...


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Sep 14, 2008
Adair Co., KY
A cardboard box will do fine, I've got a few for the 'porch broodies'

I wish I could say I had 4....I think at last count I have 7 (that I know of) on eggs, and 4 with chicks
2 of the 7 on eggs have chicks as well, their nests are such a mess they hatch a couple chicks every few days

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