Got 4 Gold Sex Link Pullets this Past Thursday !!

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by pirtykitty, Mar 31, 2013.

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    Hubby let me get 4 week old chicks this past Thursday. They were already a week old... How long do I need to wait before introducing them to our lone Rhode Island 2 year old Hen. and how do we go about it.. we started out with 3 two years ago but two died one at 7 months and one at about a year old.
    thank you
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    So sorry you got no responses...

    I have 3 gold sex links a year old now. Love them! They are friendly enough, great layers, and have enough variation that I can tell them apart. I can even tell their eggs apart! Sandy has the most white, and lays the palest egg, from light tan to pink. Minik is the smallest who lays the biggest eggs! They are darker brown. Annie Oakleaf lays the darkest egg, but they also always have a lovely shine on them, while the other two do not have the shine.

    You can start putting them together by keeping the little ones protected in a cage. They should not sleep outside until they are fully feathered. When they do go outside to sleep, can you set up a different roost bar for them? I know my girl's have preferences for the prime spots, and they shove each other around as they get to where they want to be... A lower roost (protected from being pooped on!) would be ideal...

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