Got 6 chicks, about 6 weeks old- which are boys and which are girls?!


7 Years
May 26, 2012
Hi, I'm new to all this chicken stuff . . . but I would really like to know which are boys and
which are girls! We can only have roosters where I live, and so, if any are roosters, we
will have to get rid of them! We have one Amerucano (I'm pretty sure that's how you
spell it) one Rhode Island Red, two White Leghorns, and two Silver Wyandotee thingies.
The White Leghorns are slightly bigger than the others, and have the little miniature
"crest" on top of their head starting to grow, and the Rhode Island Red has a little one
growing, to. The other chicks don't have anything. Does this mean that those three
chickens will be roosters?! I am very interested to know.
OOPS, I said we can only have roosters. I mean HENS! we can't have roosters. srry!

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