Got a 3 month old Turkey as a birthday present-what now??


8 Years
Jun 6, 2011
King William
I have guineas and don't know a thing about turkeys but I slipped up one day and said I would like to have a turkey as a pet so for the first time in our marriage, DH remembers and low and behold, I have a turkey. What do I do with it? Can it be raised with guineas? I feed my guineas Game Bird Feed so I think I am ok there. Do you have to keep him in it's run for 5 to 6 weeks so he knows where he lives before you can let him free range? Is one turkey ok without turkey buddies? Do they free range far like the guineas or do they stay close like my DH's pet chicken. Any help would be great!!!
That's great. Way to go hubby!

I am sure you will ove your turkey. If it can't make friends with the guineas, tell DH to get you another one so it won't get lonely. I have no doubt you will love your turkey(s).

They can go a long way, especially if they don't have friends to make them stay home. During the summer, when I have lots of turkeys, if a few fly over the fence, they stay right by it and wait to get put back in. After Thanksgiving, when there are many fewer birds, I have to clip wings because if they get out, they're at the neighbors.

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