Got a Baby Monitor for the Coop!

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  1. i have been wanting to do this, but my hubby poo pooed the idear. So i went ahead and ordered one anyways. Just came in today and got it set up temporarily for this evening. It is video and sound and you're supposed to be able to see at night, which i seem to be able to. i have a long run with the coops inside, three sections. i can't quite see all three sections, but have it angled so i can see most.

    My main concern was being able to see and hear at night without going outside and running head on into something, like a racoon. Now that the weather is turning cold, we will have doors and windows closed so i can't count on hearing alerts from the chickens.

    This is so cool. i love, love, love being able to see what's going on out there. i also love hearing the sounds my chicks are making at night. i think this will take a huge load off to know i can just turn on the little tv and see and hear what they're up to 24/7.
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    I've had a basic baby monitor in almost as long as I've had chickens. It's a great thing, especially in cold weather, like you said, when the windows are closed. Amazing the sounds those chickens make, isn't it? I just need a camera in the coop, too.
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    That is hilarious. I would love to see what the chickens do when I am not there, and when no one is watching. Have y'all ever seen the movie Barnyard? [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. Quote:i have not seen the movie. Is it a good one? Now that i have this one monitor, i'm thinking the perfect set-up would be multiple monitors from different angles. And then a speaker would be cool to tell them to pipe down when they're getting too rowdy.
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    so what model did you get? have a link?
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    My husband is researching web cams, but a baby monitor sounds much easier! What kind did you get? I would LOVE to hear my little girls at night!! Thanks for sharing!
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    Oh, ya gotta see Barnyard. Okay, it is my 5 yr old son's movie, but I crack up everytime. Basically, whenever the farmer gets out of the barnyard animals sight, they act like people. Very funny. [​IMG]
  8. Oh, why yes, i do:

    It's the Summer Infant Baby's Quiet Sounds Video Monitor. Here are the features:

    • Includes monitor and tabletop camera
    • Directional-sound microphone self-filters background noise
    • 2 channels to minimize interference
    • Includes AC adapters
    • Nighttime LED for viewing Baby in a dark room
    • Digital Video Monitor

    i read some bad reviews on Target, but then some good reviews on i figure if it does not work well, i can always return it to Target. They are pretty good about taking stuff back. But i'm not getting any feedback or static like one person complained about. It operates on 900 mhz, so if your phone is on that same frequency, you might have a problem, but our phone is 5.8. ghz. So far so good.
  9. Wait . . . this is great . . . i can hear the sound of my neighbor's dog barking. It actually amplifies it in my kitchen! Coooooooool!
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    I have a baby monitor in one of the coops as well. Just a sound one tho, no pics [​IMG] You will NEVER get any sleep now! LOL My Roos wake me up at 5:30 every morning, with a crowing contest! [​IMG]

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