Got a call at 4:30 this morning... really?!


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Feb 27, 2011
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So PO calls at 4:30 this morning...

I'm really glad they called so early! My chicks arrived within 24 hrs of being shipped!
Though we did have one DOA
Everyone else seemed to be happy and active, and started drinking/eating as soon as I put them in the brooder! I ordered from Mt. Healthy, with the buy 50 get 25 bonus, ended up getting 30 Buff Orp Roosters for the bonus 25! Don't know if I'm too happy about that one
what to do with the fellas? So all in all we have 24 Barred Rock Pullets, 25 White Rock Pullets, and 30 Buff Orp Fellas...

yes, I know the box is too small! It's a 4'x 3 1/2' I didn't set up the other one of the same size, doing it now though! plus I'm hoping to find a home for the boys soooon...

That's a lot of roosters! For that very reason I turned down the free chicks offered with my order... My husband was so mad when he found out. He WANTs the roos for the freezer... I assured him we may end up with a couple roos anyways
NOOO! no room! lol... My daughter wanted to try that... Didn't think it was a good idea for her either
I am so addicted I immediatly went to that hatchery page and starting trying to figure out how many more I could fit. Lord I need a patch
I know what you mean, I kept on going back on their site while I was waiting for them to arrive... Can I add just 25 more? but if I get 50 more, then i get another extra 25!! Hubby put a stop to that though... BUT my order was 4 chicks short, so they're crediting them on my next order... sooo now I HAVE to order some more...
Our last child leaves home May 2012 and I told her I have measured her room for brooders and an incubator. She was not impressed. I received the Welp catalog and it is worn out on the pages and all marked up. I have serious chicken math issues. My original 12 is now 70! I printed a listing for property 13 miles away and explained to my husband we could fit 900 chickens on it at 50 per acre and had it all figured out in my head. My daughter said not to leave it to her in the will!

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