Got a dilema after herd tragedy

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    I got up this morning as I do everyday, went down let the dog out the back door. I went out with him threw the chicken feed on the ground and went back inside leaving my dog outside, just like any other day that my wife or I do it. Came back down about an hour later and my wife sees dog with chicken in his mouth. I go out and he wouldn't let go he ran back in his kennel with bird as Iwent out to the enclosed chicken run and found 4 more dead, one wounded, three up in their nesting boxes. Total five dead with one sure to die tonight. when I grabbed the dead birds their necks were limp and they were still warm, all of them were lined up in front of the hen house. Their legs were stiff tho. My question is how long before rigor sets in with a chicken? I am having a hard time with this as I have seen my dog protect, eat with them, and hold the fence up with his head to let them go out and come back in at THEIR leisure. For months he has been a great companion for them, I am wondering what else could have done this, but sadly I know it was my dog.
    P.S. My wife says that the dog was getting ready to bury the bird when we caught him, as he started to dig the ground
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    This link provides what I think is a good answer to your question, about a cat:
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    Really sad about your flock. [​IMG] There is not to much to explain, Unfortunately these things do happen. You did not say what type of dog did the damage but more than likely it has herding or hunting back ground in its genes. Dogs will be dogs regardless of how friendly they seem or act when your around. I hear these stories all the time regrettably.You never can let any dog not even your own dog out with fowl. They play and a dog wants to play his way bc its in the genes and animals all have their own way of playing and of course dogs play ruff and this happens. I am so sorry for you and the family. We love the girls as much as any pet family member and I am sure you are numb with grief and sick with blame. Please don't beat yourself up to bad and learn. I forgot to close my coop door one night and I had fallen asleep on the lazy boy and woke up to a 90% slaughter of 10 girls with 11 months of being part of us and the entire family including my wife who had nothing to do with them was in total shock and crying our eyes out. What a mistake I made but would I do it again, not Not intentionally. Did I learn? Heck Yes We all did that day and had a back up alarm each and every day after that with 2 family members. Do we still use the reminder plan, yes. Could it happen again? Yes we are human so accidents happen do happen and there will be other lessons hopefully not this one. Sad and my condolence.
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    Update 6 gone, just 3 RIR's left they are original flock birds. Steve my dog is a 100lb. Rotty named Rommel after the german Tank Commander, Guard dog more than herder, he has not looked at me all day he knows he did a bad thing but like natures way an animal will be an animal. Lots of refencing tomorrow
  5. Sorry for your loss. [​IMG]
    I'm kinda thinking it might not be the dog....please don't stop thinking about this and investigating. Yes, he may have been playing with the chickens, and got carried away and with his size....just a little pounce could do the damage. Were the chickens mauled, wet and slobbery?
    The pup also could have been retrieving the chicken to inform you or bury his friend... Just thinking out loud too.

    Our dog, a yellow lab and golden mix, just loved our chickens. The only problem she had with our chickens was that she loved to carry them around. She never wanted to kill or eat them, she just wanted to carry them and that caused a lot of damage to their poor bodies and a lot of death. We had to take a dead chicken and show her it, and we 'growled' at her and pinned her on the ground and ever since, she will not go back towards our chickens. She has even stopped our other dogs from chasing them, as if to say, 'we don't eat family members!' It was amazing!
    I just wanted to put this out there, in defense of the dog didn't do it side...but if he did, I think he understands you are very upset and that you won't let it happen again.[​IMG]
    Again, sorry for the loss

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