Got a girl with a limp


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I guess she is at the end of the pecking order. We have 6 hens all 15 months old and have lived together all their lives. One of the other girls "mounts" her (and others) and pecks the back of her head and neck. I am assuming this is regular dominance behavior. The one with the limp seems to get this treatment more often, maybe because she can't run away fast enough. I am sure this treatment has caused the limp. Or standing she usually stands on the other foot.

Should I let her keep her distance and see if she can "walk it off?" I really don't have anyplace I can isolate her as they free range my whole back yard (1/3 acre, suburban lot).
Also, should I try to discourage this behavior? If yes, how?
Our RIR mounts the other hens & you're right about the dominance.

Keep an eye on the hen to see if she heals. If not, you may have to find a way to isolate her.
Doesn't sound fun.

I would check the limping hen for bumblefoot. There is a good possibility she's gotten an injury such as a bruise and infection while jumping down from something or trying to get away. This is very common. Can be hard to treat, but hopefully you could have success.

I would try hobbling treatment I've described in some other threads. Use 'Search' and enter keyword 'hobbling' and my username to look up. I've only known it used for roosters, but I have a suspicion it might help with this hen.
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