Got a good deal on a cage today


Oct 21, 2020
Quaker Hill Connecticut
I needed a cage for a sick bird to hang out in until she's better. So I went to Persmart and got a folding dog cage for 50 bucks down from 70 or 80 seemed like a me a good deal figured I'd let you guys and gals know in case you needed one.


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See, here's what you did wrong though...Whenever you find cages cheap, you buy several...then you find new critters to fill them. ;)
Idk what the cost is online currently, but I’ve always found that the crates in particular are waaaaaaaaay cheaper on, and if you bring up the item on your phone, and show the cashier, they adjust it to match. I’ve literally gone in and it was $79 for a crate and the site was like $42, bam adjusted at the register. They match chewy and Petco prices, and some match amazon and Walmart. I usually type the product code in the search box, and I add all the things I’m buying to my virtual cart, then they’re all in one place and ready at the register for them to view and verify. Almost everything is cheaper on their site, often by a lot.

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