Got a hen on eggs under a storage building

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    Apr 2, 2016
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    So we had two hens that got out of my mother-in-law's coop, they were out with the two roosters. And I noticed one kept disappearing and I never could find where she was laying her eggs. So after two days of not seeing her at all she finally showed up back in the yard. I made it my mission that day to find out where she was going, so I sat outside for over an hour while laundry was waiting on me inside (I didn't mind the delay in folding AT ALL) and she finall got done with all her business and scooted under the storage building. She is about half way in where there is no chance of us reaching her or the eggs to attempt a move into the brooder. So according to my calculations, which aren't exact because I waited to start counting from the day before I found where she was to count, but they should be hatched by (at the latest) May 2nd. The problem is that we have several (family) neighborhood dogs that roam all the time, and we are out in the country in south Ga and the snakes have just started moving, not to mention the buzzards and Hawks that are regulars in our neck of the woods. I don't know how long she will keep them under the building before she brings them out. So what would be the best option for catching all of them after they venture out?

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