Got a horse show tomorrow.....

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    And my silly mom, a member of the 4-H Saddle Horse Commitee and the only one that does anything, is going to serve food out of her camper. She is making some of the food as well. Someone had the idea of a country store, and we have already bought/donated over half the stuff for it. It is supposed to be 90 tomorrow, great. I will be showing my horse Hey Dude. Because my mom will be serving food, not to mention babysitting a 6 year old who wants to help, that leaves my dad to help me at the show. Poor dad. I can be very mean and snappy at horse shows, because it feels like a million degrees out and you have to wear long sleeve show shirts and you are rushing around trying to find some thing that is lost, your last years outfit doesn't fit, you are going to be late for your class, etc. This is an open show with payback, so I am doing every class I can. The entry fees per class are mostly $3 each with a few being $2 and I added it up, and the total is going to cost around $40, so I will be very busy. My parents and I are splitting the costs. I am very thankful to have such wonderful parents that give me the oppurtunity to do this.
    I went outside and looked at my tack in the trailer dressing room, and I guess we have a leak, because it is GREEN!! Ity has happened before but not this bad. So I spent a half hour wiping the green off everything. So tomorrow I have to wash the mud off Dude, clip him, make sure I have everything, etc., and be there at like 8 am. Luckily the fairgrounds are only 3 miles down the road, which is fantastic. I will be doing contesting [barrels, poles, etc], showmanship, halter, western classes, and fun classes. I was going to take two horses, Dude and Kirby, but that would be too much. Kirby is a show horse with a super slow gait that does flying lead changes, etc. He is fabulous in the ring, but nothing else. He is not fast, picks on the other horses, is a sissy with his feet [walking down the road for instance] , spooks sometimes, and has bucked a few times and reared once. He is a 16 hh 17 year old appy gelding who is white with no spots, only mottled skin. Dude is a not very fast, nor very slow, but is a sweetheart. He is 15.3 hands, chestnut, and is 3/4 arab, 1/4 saddlebred, but looks like a quarab. I love him!! I have had horses and have showed them in 4-H for about 5 years. Wish me luck!! I will report back on how I did tomorrow.
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    good luck at the show! post pics if you can.
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    Good luck to you tomorrow! [​IMG]

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