Got a new baby - Pics


8 Years
Mar 17, 2011
Melrose, Florida
When Sophia quit setting on her remaining eggs I tossed them in the incubator. Since I didn't know how far along they actually were, and thinking they would hatch in a day or two, I put 5 eggs in lockdown. Peeps hatched a couple days ago and I was about giving up hope on the other 4 eggs but this morning I found this little guy crawling around the bator knocking into and rolling the other eggs around, 8 days after Sophia stopped setting on the eggs. When I went to get him out of the bator I noticed 2 other eggs have pipped.

I lost my little lavender keet out of the last batch and was hoping to get one this time. I got pearl grays, 2 buff dundettes and now this little guy. I am so excited and so glad that I took the chance and put the eggs in the bator.

He isn't all dry and fluffed yet but he has started peeping up a storm



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