Got a new part time job...


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12 Years
Apr 16, 2007
231 my local equipment rental shop! I rented a tiller Sat. afternoon and got a job there too. The boss said I could have the employee discount! My first day was today and I returned the tiller and found out the discount is FREE RENTALS! $65.00 worth of rental for free!!!!!!


I may quit my part time country club job now that I have a part time job that's more fun and I get more $$$ AND it's only about 3 miles from my house so less gas $$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus it's great to work somewhere that has no dress code...WOO HOO! I'm such a jeans chicks!

I'll also get a lot of experience with heavy equipment working there. I have to learn EVERYTHING about everything they rent out.

He hired me on the spot because I have 3 years experience in landscape supply and most of their equipment is used for landscaping.

2008 just may be a great year!

Look what the FREE tiller did:
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12 Years
Nov 12, 2007
That's so cool....having a job you like makes life sooooo much easier!!! I saw your garden thread earlier, it looks great, I'm getting a bad case of spring fever but it's just a bit too early to start mine, it was fun to drool over yours, I have it mentally planted for you BTW :giglol.

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