Got a sick EE pullet...

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    Unfortunately when I came home yesterday to check on the chickens I noticed one was on the perch with her head drooping down all the way.

    I had another sick ( [​IMG] ) pullet last week that I put down because she looked real bad. Same exact thing--drooping head and wings, can support herself with her legs put not at all with the head. Maybe I shouldn't have put her down but didn't want to risk spreading anything. Could have been something minor but didn't look it/

    So my sick pullet right now, I took her away from the rest of the flock and am keeping her in a large unused rabbit cage with a heat lamp, indoors. I offered food and water but I had to dip her beak in the water to get her to drink. She ate a tiny bit of food on her own. Seems real thin, so did the other bird.

    Poooop seems normal.

    All thru the nite she would stand there with her head touching the floor. Now she is lying down with her head to the side. [​IMG] She did move around a lot during the nite but looks worse off this morning.

    If she doesn't make it, she doesn't make it but I don't want to lose any more chickens! [​IMG]

    Just as background, the chickens all have a large coop and run but free range in a large enclosed area during the day. This past week has been very rainy which the birds are unused to. I cleaned out the bedding on the bottom of the run and I did find some mold, [​IMG] which grows like nothing else down here! One new bird joined the flock about a month ago.

    Seems like everything is sick lately with something else! I just recovered from pneumonia, goat has diarrhea, and the neighbor's cattle have been sick. [​IMG]

    I would REALLY appreciate any thoughts, advice, etc.!! Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: forgot to mention she is 4-5 months old as was the other that got sick.

    EDIT 9/21 P M...pullet is doing a lot better this evening. Still sick and still isolated from the others but, we will see how it goes from here! ...Now I feel bad for putting down the other one!! [​IMG]
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