Got an EGG!! now more questions LOL


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Sep 9, 2008
Ok so first egg today, 1 of 4 is doing it.. The only problem is that all the straw was kicked out of the laying box this morning, a somewhat circle was formed down to the wood of the box, the golfball was pushed aside.
Now I come home at lunch and the golfball is out of the box and on the floor, all the straw has been kicked out and in the corner on the cedar shavings is an egg.. Only problem is that I really wanted to clean out the coop. it could use it, but I dont want to throw the chicken off if thats where shes going to lay.. My question would be a couple things..

Is cedar better for the nest or straw?(currently my 2 options) It seemed the straw was just flung out, where the cedar on the floor was padded down.

Can I clean the coop without disrupting whichever chicken is laying eggs?The coop is pretty dirty and could use a scrubdown as usual, as well as replace all the cedar shavings. They normally are free ranging when im home so its not like I would clean it out with them in it, but do they need the famaliarity of the poop and feathers?? like was the whole ambiance of the coop part of the nest?

why was the straw kicked out? was it a potential nest until the wood was felt? or is maybe my box too small? Do they not like the straw? Should I try putting the shavings in the nest and see if they lay there then? Also read somewhere about putting a curtain on the box for privacy.

Should I move the box? right now the nest box is in line of sight of the roosting pole, Where the egg was found is under the platform under the roosting pole on the ground, tucked away and not visable unless your on the ground.


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Mar 9, 2007
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Not sure about a lot of your questions except NO CEDAR it is toxic......&



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Aug 8, 2008
You could clean it out, then throw a few feathers around to give it that "lived-in" feel

You can take out the straw and just have pine chips in the nest. They are harder to kick out.

What sort of nests do you have? Are they as 'private' as they should be?

I don't think you need curtains if the nest boxes have a top, sides, and a nice wide plate on the front.

Maybe a pic of your setup is in order!

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