Got eggs?


11 Years
Jul 10, 2010
southern AL
The girls have been busy.
44 eggs in there. And Blue has been laying who knows where recently. I found a new nest with an egg in it and another soft one under a tarp by the tractor the other day when I went on an egg hunt since she's not been laying in the duck house overnight.



btw - tractor supply (at least one of the two near us anyway) has egg cartons on sale this weekend - they also had a cute little crested something last night when were were there).
You have more than three right????
Wow, I can wait for my first eggs...they will be of the chicken sort...anything to make me like those rotten birds a bit more!
Nope. Just the 3 girls.
2 more eggs this morning and then to go on an egg hunt to see if I can find anymore that Blue has laid in a hidden spot.
Those kids are really putting out! Eggs are so good from ducks!

I gather eggs every morning and now that I have added 4 more ducks I gathered 22 this morning. Time to make more Quiche for the freezer!

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