Got Grizz? Incentive program for electric fencing (not April Fool's): Get Reimbursed: Rocky Mountain

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    I am super excited to learn recently about an Electric Fencing Incentive Program. There are many bears in my neighborhood and they are waking up. New chicken owner here....

    No food outside, no garbage, food taken in every night, coop like Fort Knox...hardware cloth? Doesn't matter. Perimeter fence, chain link? Doesn't matter.

    Do I want to do this? No...but I have to. I live in the base of the Rockies, smack up against the west foothills, 60 miles from the Continental Divide. Is it gorgeous? Yes. Are there bears here? OMG.

    So I researched the living you know what out of electric fencing. I was uber lucky to talk with the local head of Fish Wildlife and Parks. He said: Electric Fence. I said: Ick, really. Well, short sotry long, I researched the heck out of it ( and I am not fond of electricity). Yup. Gotta do it.

    OK. Then.

    I run across an amazing incentive program: 50% of cost up to $500 will be reimbursed. Doesn't matter if it is just around coop or around perimeter fencing. Talked to the gentleman today and with some paperwork, receipts, etc, I will get reimbursed. He will even help with a materials list and planning if I send him pics. This is for black bears , griss, you name it.

    The Incentive Program covers Montana, Idaho, Washington State, and Wyoming (specific counties). Colorado also has this program and I don't know where else, these are the ones I have found.

    I know, I know, you all want a link: (for Colorado)

    I am floored and quite happy: I can get expert advice, protect chickens (and bears), and get reimbursed!! Ya gotta LOVE it![​IMG]

    If you have a question, I will try to help...

    (Sry all I posted twice cause this belongs in predators and pest area....if mods want to remove, go ahead, but it is all good, the word needs to get out!)
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    Hey that's awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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