Got hope for my rooster!

Chicks Galore3

Artistic Bird Nut
8 Years
Dec 16, 2011
I recently had to rehome my beautiful but terror of a rooster. He was mean to people, over mated the hens, and when he flew at the 3 year old....he was outta here. I got 4 assorted bantams among others this march and my golden sebright buddy turned out to be a rooster - which I'm totally fine with as long as he is nice! He is already showing signs of being A LOT nicer then my previous roo, Mr. Darcy. Mr. Darcy was already attacking my hands at 6 weeks and being "territorial" of the girls. Little Buddy, as I call my GS for now, is scared of our hands but not overly fearful, he respectfully goes off to the corner and watches me, but not with the angry glint in his eye like Mr. Darcy. He will climb into my lap once in awhile like the others. If he seems to be guarding his girls overly much from me/raising his hackles I make slow deliberate movements/actions with the ladies and he immediately lowers his hackles and returns to his respectful self. I have hope for him! I think my D'uccle might be a rooster too...who knows...

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